Hello! Thanks for clicking on this link. We are students of the College Maria Casares in Lyon, France and we love to exchange news and ideas with students around the world in English and/or French. We are aged 11 to 15.

On this page you can find out what we’ve been doing in lessons and you can contact us to tell us about you and your school. We’ll get back to you in French or English (you can choose) and we can even organise a chat session or video conference with your class and your teacher.

Enjoy the site! We hope to hear from you soon.

Our school, pupils and exchanges in video

What have we been up to in class?  What do video conferences look like?  Our letter writing projects. 

Our learning goals

Photos of letters we’ve sent and of pupils receiving them

Possibilities for exchange

Meet our partner schools

Letter writing leads to video conferences

Here are some examples:

Feedback from our partner schools.

Get in touch!

If you’re a teacher and you want to know more, or if you’re a student and you want to write to us in French or English, click here! 

Skype timetable

Here is Mr Kirrage’s interactive timetable so that you can find out who is available to Skype when.

About our level in English:

Here are the modules we’ve been working on since September if you’re curious to know our level in English 🙂

L001: Greetings

L002: Feelings

L003: Sharing our stuff in class

L004: Participating in class with modal verbs. 

L005: Talking about school

L006: Working on Films in English

Spice-up your PenPal letter: interactive picker.

Edit the wheel | Open wheel in new window     |     75 Questions for PenPals

We’ve received so many fantastic letters!


Here are some samples of the letters received.


This is our classroom wall display.

Matching game : Starters for your second letter


Let’s see those key phrases more closely

Quirky Questions to spice up your letter! (Work in progress)



We’re making a 3D Virtual Reality Tour of our  school! (Work in progress)

 Smartphone/tablet : use the touch screen to navigate 

P.C.: Click on the image once and then use the left/right/up/down arrows to navigate.

Virtual reality headset: Click here and enjoy your visit!


What do letters from our pupils look like?

Here are some of the documents pupils have been using to organise their ideas in English.