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My name is Paul Kirrage, a teacher of English to 11 to 15 year olds in a French state middle school and lead teacher on the #1cv1world project.

What is the #1cv1world project?

Our students in the final year of middle school are looking to their future and making important decisions about the skills, training and careers that they can strive for.

The #1cv1world project is designed to encourage our final year students to enter into contact with international companies and recruiters in order to have short, realistic feedback on their self-presentation in English.

  • Students write a CV and cover letter in English targeting an imaginary work placement in a company or industry of their choice.
  • Our international #1cv1world mentors take the time to read their CV and letter and to write a kind review and a few words of encouragement and advice.

A few hours work by the students on their letters, a few kind minutes from an international mentor and a child’s entire vision of their future potential might just might be changed for the better. 


Existing international partners

Below you can discover our international partner schools (in orange) and the international #1cv1world mentors (in purple) already helping students broaden their horizons:

To respect the privacy of both the students and our international partners, exchanges take place indirectly between the lead teacher (Paul Kirrage) and international partners by email –    Mentors’ comments are then printed and handed to students directly for inclusion in their Professional  Preparedness Portfolio.

How can I mentor a student?

If you would like to participate as an international #1cv1world mentor please contact or via the form below.

A short, concise reply to a CV and cover later could take as little as 25 minutes.
But your kind words could last a lifetime. 

I look forward to answering your questions, to working with you and to showing our students a kind world of  possibilities.

Best regards

Paul Kirrage
English Teacher & Project Leader (

An example cover letter by one of our students

For their cover letter writing project this student has imagined a 5 day work experience in a luxury hotel & restaurant.

A #1cv1world mentor read the letter and gave some short feedback congratulating the pupil on their English, their qualities and offering advice on other elements to include and different ways to present key information.




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